Whiter Teeth with the Right Foods

Whiter Teeth with the Right Foods

Posted by PERFECT SMILE DENTAL CARE on Feb 27 2020, 08:06 AM

Whiter Teeth with the Right Foods

To have a brighter smile, we intend to go for whitening products to remove tooth discoloration and stains. They are not the only option to have a whiter smile. Certain foods can help maintain healthy tooth enamel and also help in preventing staining and discoloration. It is essential to know those foods to gain that whiter, brighter smile. The foods include:

Dairy Products

These products are high in lactic acid that helps in protecting teeth from the decay, which leads to yellowing and darkening of teeth. Dairy products like cheese and yogurt have high levels of calcium and protein that help in strengthening the tooth enamel. The probiotics in yogurt can remove bacteria that cause cavities.


Almonds are one of the great sources of calcium and protein, which help in strengthening tooth enamel.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery have high malic acid in them, which can increase the production of saliva. Saliva helps in washing away the leftover food, which can weaken the enamel. These foods also have a high content of fiber and vitamins that is necessary for a healthy diet.


Pineapple contains an ingredient called bromelain, which is also found in the whitening products. This protein actually helps in removing surface stains and plaque.

Foods to Be Avoided

It is essential to know which foods can cause teeth staining just as important to know which foods can prevent them from occurring. The foods or drinks that are red-colored like cherries, cranberries, tomato products, wine, etc., can cause discoloration over time. Drinking coffee and smoking can also cause staining and yellowing of your smile. If you consume all these drinks and foods, then try chewing sugar-free gum, rinse your mouth using water, or brush in order to reduce staining effects.

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