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Some severe dental emergency cases can make you realize that you can’t bear the pain for a week or longer than that. In such a situation, you need to be checked right now! It might be because you are in unbearable pain or have some oral problem that is uncontrollably impacting your everyday life. You might be facing an issue with your teeth, gums, or mouth. In any such situation, you must do the right thing by seeking care for an emergency dental visit. 

To Alleviate Pain

The most common reason why patients seek an emergency dental visit is to receive care for their dental pain. The kind of pain can be distinct, i.e., it can be either dull and throbbing or sharp and constant. One of the primary services provided by an emergency dentist is to alleviate the intense discomfort or pain that you have.

As soon as the pain gets in control, it gets easy for the dentist to assess the problem and take the immediate next step. The dentist will start the treatment once the case is diagnosed. If the problem identified isn’t that severe, then the dentist would prescribe you with some pain management medications. The dentist would schedule your consultation for a more routine visit to treat your problem. With those medications, you will be able to get back to your normal life. 

To Repair Damage

If you face significant damage from an injury, and you think you cannot wait for another day, then, an emergency dental visit is possible. The common reasons are related to an injury that can be chipped or cracked teeth, which hurts a lot. It could also be a split-open lip, which is usually caused by rushing into someone while involved in active sports activities. The injury can be any mouth-related damage scenarios. 

A Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth needs to be given special attention. If immediate dental help is delivered, then the tooth has higher chances of being saved. It is better not to delay, or it will get even more complicated. 

Mouth Bleeding or Uncontrolled Gum

When the gum or any other part of the mouth bleeds, and if it doesn’t stop, then it needs to be concerned. You need to seek the dentist straight away. The bleeding might be caused by vigorous brushing or biting too crunchy food or some sharp edges.

A Dislodged Crown

Crowns are designated in a way to stay strong, permanent, and durable. But sometimes a crown might knock out. In such a situation, it gets quite hard to eat or carry on with the usual activities. So, this situation is marked as a dental emergency that should be given attention immediately, even if there is any pain associated with it, or if there is mild pain.

Emergency Dental Care Services

Some of the most common emergency dental services offered are as follows:

Pain Mitigation:This is given to get your pain under control quickly.

Damage Repair:This tends to deal with your broken teeth or mouth wounds. 

Reseating Crowns:A temporary solution is placed until a new permanent crown is made.

Bleeding Control:This is done to stop the uncontrollable bleeding in gums or mouth. 

Salvaging A Tooth:In this, all attempts are carried out to save a knocked-out tooth.

Additional Services: It varies according to the needs. 

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