Dental Crowns: Why Do Need Them?

Dental Crowns: Why Do Need Them?

Posted by Perfect Smile Dental Care on Nov 21 2019, 01:51 AM

Dental Crowns: Why Do Need Them?

While visiting your dentist to treat your damaged teeth, you may wonder how one may only require a filling while you may need a dental crown to resolve the function of your damaged teeth. 

Dental crowns are dental prosthetics made out of ceramic or dental resin that mimic your missing natural enamel. Crowns can be embedded in the jawbone with implants or with dental adhesives.

Crowns are generally recommended in cases when teeth have suffered from intense damage or decay. The benefit of having crowns is that they can protect the entire tooth by completely covering its surface. 

There are several reasons why one may require dental crowns:

1. A broken or fractured teeth

Broken or fractured teeth may be the result of an injury or fall. If left untreated, such an injury may further start infecting internal tissues of the enamel impeding the patient's ability to chew and eat. Dental crowns can replace missing or damaged teeth and restore their function.

2. Lost or old restoration

Although restorations are durable and wouldn't fall out quickly, they do have a lifespan. Existing restorations may break, crack, get loose or entirely fall out from a fall or injury. Your dentist would examine and assess the condition of the existing crown to find out whether they need replacement.

3. Tooth suffering from extensive decay

Teeth suffering from decay are mostly treated with the help of dental fillings. In case such teeth are left untreated, dental decay may progress and become more severe, restoring the health and function of your teeth. 

When teeth have been severely damaged from infection or decay, the dentist would rather advise crowns instead of fillings.

In case your teeth require crowns, request your appointment with us at Perfect Smiles Dental Care, San Jose, and we'll assist you further. 

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